Molden og Lusterfjorden.jpg

It is often said that Molden is the finest viewpoint in the whole area of Luster.

You will find the start of the path at the parking lot at Krossen. Halfway, you reach Svarthiller, which is an old mountain farm. From Svarthiller, the view towards Urnes on the other side of the fjord, as well as along the fjord, is nothing but wonderful. 

From Svarthiller, the path turns 90 degrees and winds up steeply past steep slopes. After a while, the terrain becomes more flat and it is a fairly easy walk towards the peak at Molden, 1,118 metres above sea level. From up here, you have a 360 degree view over most of Luster and beyond.

The hike takes about 2.5 hours.

Heidi Stevning