Ferry from Nærøyfjorden to Gudvangen

The ferry trip along Nærøyfjorden to Gudvangen is something everyone should experience while in the area. Safely placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List, this is one of the most spectacular stretches of fjord and mountain in the country. The ferry leaves from Kaupanger and ends up in Gudvangen. It carries both passengers and cars. In high season, you should book a place by 15.00 the day before.

On the way to Kaupanger (35 mins), take a stop at Sogn Folk Museum, one of the best in the country, with farm animals and traditional farm activities that bring it to life. Continue to the Boat Museum and Kaupanger stave church.

The ferry trip to Gudvangen takes just over 2 hours and has a spectacular view from the beginning to the end of the trip. From Gudvangen, continue to Underdal, a tiny hamlet a short drive off the main road between Gudvangen and Flåm. Cheese is the big thing here and you cannot leave without buying a little of the white or brown Underdal goat cheese.

From Underdal, continue to Flåm and the best known stretch of railway in Norway - the Flåm Railway. The line is 20 km long and took 20 years to build. The track winds its way up some of the wildest of natural surroundings.

From Flåm, drive on to to Lærdal. You can either drive over the mountain to Lærdal or take the longest road tunnel in the world (24.5 km). We recommend the mountain route: the views are wonderful.

Lærdal is known for all the old wooden buildings in "Øyri", the old part of the village. Take a walk around, and perhaps end up in the Wild Salmon Centre. The drive back to Solvorn from Lærdal takes about an hour, including the ferry.

 This is a round trip you can easily take 6 to 8 hours over.

Heidi Stevning