Tungestølen - Austerdalsbreen

"The finest ice scenery in Europe,"said the English mountain lover William Cecil Slingsby about the Loke, Odin and Tors Glaciers, all three of which are tongues of the mighty Jostedalsbreen at Austerdalsbreen. You can get a taste of the wild glacial landscape without necessarily walking on the glacier itself.

The hike starts at Tungestølen, the walkers' cabin in the furthest part of Veitastrond. The path continues over the bridge and is well marked and easy to find. It follows the western side of the Austerdal river all the way to the glacier. It is almost flat nearly all the way, with a few rises here and there. As always with glaciers, you must be very careful and not go too close to the ice. Ice can break off and fall without warning, so keep your distance. The most dominant aspect of the landscape is the moraine ridges.

This hike normally takes about 2 hours.

Heidi Stevning